• For many years, the brush industry has invested in researching all options to imitate the special properties of Siberian Kolinsky Red Sable hair with synthetic fibres. A most difficult task due to the particular structure of this precious natural material, which has become very rare and expensive over the last few years. With COLINEO we have succeeded in creating a mixture of synthetic fibres, very similar to its natural ideal. A carefully balanced mixture of different lengths of straight and wavy synthetic fibres with extra fine tips and tapered points, high elasticity and colour absorption. A fully convincing line, perfect for all tasks in the dental lab. • The brush tip of size 6 experiences its last perfect orientation by an impulsive movement of loose metal balls, which have been incorporated deliberately into the ferrule and support the perfect balance • composition of straight and wavy synthetic fibres in different lengths with extra fine tips, precise point, high elasticity and colour absorption • very similar to Kolinsky Red Sable hair brushes • so-called silver ferrule, seamless • handle made of water-resistant, hi-tech multicolour laminated wood