• The da Vinci CERAMIC ZIRCON LINE consists of instruments which have been designed down to the last detail for the perfect ceramic lining, the application of opaque, liners, adhesives and finest colour portions as well as for various cleaning works. Ideal for the exact placement of smaller and bigger quantities of ceramics. For realistic layering. Keeps ceramics uniformly moist. Great importance has been attached to the following characteristics
  • A precise and stable, elastic brush tip, formed by our expert brush-makers, which follows all the intentions of its user. The brush tip itself experiences its last perfect orientation by an impulsive movement of loose metal balls, which have been incorporated deliberately into the ferrule.
  • The stable, full brush body of both layering brushes guarantees continued and exact usage thanks to the selection and fabrication of Siberian Kolinsky red sable hairs from selected male winter tails.
  • The centre of gravity that we have “implanted” into the brush remains in its balance despite the compatibility of the brush-head. By that the familiarization to a reliable and convenient tool is assured in the long run.
  • The surface of the anodised aluminium handle is characterised by longevity as well as stain and scratch-resistance. The incorporated ZIRCON-ring guarantees authenticity, origin and accuracy of this six-piece da Vinci set of instruments for professional use.
  • The possibility to exchange the brush-heads guarantees a considerable cost-reduction at long sight.
  • The article numbers of the replacement brush-heads are to be identified by a final „K“.